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  • ORP
    Activities of the ORP Sky Protection Group
    For ORP Joint Actions 1.5 Preserving the Sky and 2.5 Preserving the Skies for Future Generations the beginning of 2023 stood in the light of restructuring the sky protection effort of the ORP. 
  • ORP Proposal Writing school
    ORP Proposal Writing School engages students from 18 countries
    The 2023 Proposal Writing School was the first synergy school organized by ORP Training workpackage. It delivered an introductory-level overview of the proposal writing process with a focus on ORP-supported facilities. From the 190 applicants 30 students from 18 countries were selected by the SOC to participate in this school.
  • JA2 meeting
    ORP JA2 Seamless Performance meeting
    The ORP JA2 Seamless Performance group met on 15 March 2023 in Berlin for a hybrid meeting.
  • Effelsberg telescope
    Call for Proposals open for the 100-m Effelsberg telescope
    Access to the 100-m radio Effelsberg telescope, one of the World’s largest fully steerable instruments is open to all qualified astronomers. Deadline is 01 June 2023 (15:00 UT)
  • VLTI_ALMA workshop
    VLTI and ALMA Synthesis Imaging Workshop
    On January 9-12, 2023, at the European Southern Observatory in Garching near Munich, the ORP Workshop on image reconstruction brought together 100 participants to arise awareness of complexities the two regimes are covering, strengthen the synergies between the two communities and find a common ground to advance imaging algorithms.