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The Opticon RadioNet Pilot will facilitate the adoption of a set of common principles and tools that allow all scientists and researchers to have smooth and improved access to multiple Pilot Research Infrastructures as primary or virtual access users, driven solely by science excellence. Therefore, a series of harmonized service utilities will be implemented to facilitate a common user- interaction model, easy access to facilities, and harmonize data products to provide opportunities for new science and better services. 

By 2025, the ORP will provide to the beneficiaries: 

  • A new harmonized access tool for proposal submission to Pilot facilities, including a single sign-on, single- access point for multi-facility, multi-wavelength science proposals;
  • News services to facilitate multi-instrument/multi-wavelength science projects – offering new science opportunities and improved service provision for TA/VA facilities;
  • A harmonized and seamless approach to access and processing of data from Pilot facilities;
  • A platform of exchange for collective experience from different entities in the Pilot communities to enhance expert scientific researcher support provision across emerging areas (such as optical interferometry);
  • A platform of exchange for sharing expertise and resources across the Pilot partners in emerging areas of impact and in particular the multi-wavelength impact of mega-satellite constellations.