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JA2 meeting


This meeting provided the opportunity for 36 participating JA2 group members to share outputs and achievements during the first part of the ORP project, and hence build further connections across the wide JA2 membership. 

The whole JA2 group met for a full day of working meeting combining an all-hands plenary session with intensive parallel session for individual task. These dynamic breakout sessions to identify and address common challenges. These parallel sessions included: The JA2 sub tasks JA2.1 Common Access to Research Infrastructures, JA2.2 Time-Domain, Multi-Facility & Multi-Frequency access to Research Infrastructures, JA2.3 Common frameworks for Data access and processing procedures and JA2.5 Preserving the sky for future generations. Within each group hybrid breakout sessions were used for strategic discussions regarding the delivery of JA2 objectives for the remainder of the ORP project and defining a series of specific actions for the next 2 years of work. These sessions also brought together ORP JA2 with invited external experts from related projects, such as the SKA Regional Centre Network to help to build long lasting synergies between complementary projects and enhance the impact and delivery.