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Calar Alto


The Europlanet virtual workshop on the use of small telescope networks will take place on 9-11 February 2022.

The Europlanet Telescope Network (EPN-TN), launched in 2020,  is a network of small telescope facilities to support planetary science observations by professional and amateur astronomers. The EPN-TN currently comprises 16 observatories with 46 telescopes ranging from 40 cm to 2 m in size. The network can be accessed free of charge to carry out projects on a wide variety of scientific studies about the Solar System and exoplanets, as well as related astronomical investigations.

The goal of this workshop is to encourage community-led proposals and to highlight scientific results achieved with EPN-TN and other medium size and small telescopes. Interested astronomers and amateurs are invited to participate, to learn more about the instruments offered, their capabilities, and scientific potential.

Find more information about the workshop here.


Calar Alto Observatory. Credit: Ricardo Hueso / Europlanet.