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10th IRAM 30-meter School on Millimetre Astronomy

11-23 November 2021

Due to the special circumstances derived from the COVID-19 pandemic, the 10th edition will be held on-line, on 15-19, 22 and 23 November. On-line registration will open shortly.

As in previous editions, the school will combine lectures on millimeter astronomy with observations using the 30-meter telescope. Lectures will be given by experienced scientists and 30-meter observers, covering a wide range of topics, including the study of the chemistry of interstellar clouds, low and high mass star formation, in the Milky Way, in nearby galaxies, and at high-redshifts. In addition, the school will include lectures on instrumentation, observing techniques, and data processing. This edition will highlight the synergies with the IRAM NOrthern Extended Millimetre Array (NOEMA).

The lectures will be complemented by practical work using the 30-meter telescope. As usual, students, lecturers and technical assistants will form small groups, to work on one topic, preparing a science case, conducting the observations with the 30-meter telescope, reducing the data, and presenting first results on the last day of the school. However, unlike previous schools, where trainers and students performed their observations at the telescope site, in this edition all observations will be conducted in remote mode.