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VLTI_ALMA workshop

On January 9-12, 2023, at the European Southern Observatory in Garching near Munich, the ORP Workshop on image reconstruction brought together 100 participants to arise awareness of complexities the two regimes are covering, strengthen the synergies between the two communities and find a common ground to advance imaging algorithms. 

Born from Europe’s largest ground-based astronomy collaborative network, in the framework of the WP4 JA3.4 activity, Striving for Excellence, the VLTI and ALMA Synthesis Imaging Workshop accomplished the deliverable 4.1. The research line focuses on growing the scientific return with advanced techniques in image reconstruction from optical to radio interferometric data and applicable to both regimes. Machine learning techniques, based on Bayesian probability theory or on supervised methodologies, take a leading role for breakthrough in this field because tailored with (physical) models inspired by human perception. 

 To accomplish the goal of scientific growth, experts worldwide collaborated with review talks,  facilitating discussions on state of the art techniques and cutting-edge methods in image reconstruction and other tools required to develop a full data analysis package. The review talks consisted of lectures on (1) established image reconstruction methods in the two regimes; (2) emerging  techniques focused on machine learning, e.g. deep learning, and/or Bayesian probability theory, such as Information Field Theory. Forward modeling tools in interferometric imaging as well as in image quality assessment and data combination had ample space for fruitful discussions.  

Sharing technical and scientific developments, an area of agreement on technical issues and a way forward for cooperative advancement were identified. The takeaway from this Workshop is the tangible prospective to homogenize data analysis within the two communities. This is an essential aspect also in view of the Joint VLT-ALMA Proposals to be offered during ALMA Cycle 10.


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Image credit: ESO


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VLTI and ALMA Synthesis Imaging Workshop: Bringing together the optical and radio communities, group picture taken during one of the coffee breaks on day 3. The associated institutions from the above participants are: CRAL, ESO, Excellence Cluster ORIGINS, IPAG, IRAM, KU Leuven, Leiden Observatory, LMU, MPG/MPA, MPG/MPE, NAOJ, North-West University, OCA, ORIGINS Data Science Lab, UNAM, University of Naples Federico II, University of Trieste.