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Roberto Pizzo

Roberto Pizzo (The Netherlands), is head of Science Data Centre Operations at the Netherlands Institue for Radio Astronomy (ASTRON). With expertise in astronomical data delivery, he coordinates the scientific support for the science data obtained from ASTRON telescope facilities (LOFAR, WSRT/Apertif). Graduated in Astronomy at the university of Bologna (Italy), he obtained his PhD at the university of Groningen with a thesis on diffuse radio emission from Galaxy clusters.  He has led various LOFAR projects as well as several programs associated with other radio facilities, such as WSRT/APERTIF. He has been involved in the development of the imaging pipelines of LOFAR and in the design of the data portal for ASTRON data collections.

He is the leader of ORP WP9 TA4 LOFAR, which delivers transnational access to the users of the LOFAR array. This includes support to the user community to access the instrument, design the observing and processing campaigns, assessing the data quality and reducing the data.

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