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Jan Martin Winters

Jan Martin Winters (Germany) obtained his PhD from the Technische Universtät Berlin in 1994 with a thesis on consistent models of pulsating, mass-losing Asymptotic Giant Branch stars. After nine years working in different environments (TU-Berlin, MPIfR Bonn, Observatoire de Paris) on theoretical models, he joined IRAM (Grenoble) in 2003, where he is serving as staff astronomer working for the NOEMA interferometer on Plateau de Bure, from 2006 to 2018 as its Scientific Coordinator. He is involved in all aspects of the interferometer, in particular in atmospheric phase monitoring and atmospheric phase correction.

Already since 2017 in the framework of RadioNet TA program and now in the ORP work package WP8 TA3 IRAM, he is coordinating the Transnational Access activities related to the NOEMA observatory.

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