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Hélène Dworak

Hélène Dworak (France) is European Project Manager at CNRS and works as the ORP Project Assistant. Graduated with a Master in International and European Law in 2015, she has since worked on several European projects in international organizations and NGOs such as the United Nations (Switzerland), UNITAS (Bolivia) and the EuroMed Feminist Initiative (France/Lebanon). Among her interest, Hélène likes to advocate for gender equality, diversity and ecology through the projects she works on. Based at the LAM/CNRS in Marseille, the ORP Project Assistant support the ORP Scientific Coordinator to ensure the proper implementation and monitoring of the project. Through the WP1, they establish effective communications and synergy between the several JA, TA, VA across both optical and radio communities. The ORP Project Assistant is member of the EMT and Secretary of the Board and Executive Committee.

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