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Heidi Korhonen

Heidi Korhonen (Finland, Denmark) is an Operations Staff Astronomer at European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope in northern Chile. She did half of her PhD work as a Student Support Astronomer at the Nordic Optical Telescope on Canary Islands (Spain) and obtained her PhD from University of Oulu (Finland).  After finishing her PhD Heidi has worked in Germany, Denmark, Finland and Chile. Among other positions she has held ESO Fellowship in Garching (Germany) and Marie Curie Fellowship at Niels Bohr Institute in University of Copenhagen (Denmark). Heidi has always been very interested in educating the next generation of astronomers in different aspects of observational astrophysics.

In ORP Heidi Korhonen is leading the WP5 JA4 Training. She is concentrating on optical and infra-red schools and her colleague John McKean (ASTRON) coordinates the radio schools. Heidi is the main organiser of the yearly NEON Observing Schools, which take place in different professional observatories in Europe. In these schools the students learn hands-on observations all the way from planning and carrying out the observations to reducing and analysing the data.  Heidi also organises other schools for ORP, among them schools on optical and infra-red instrumentation, proposal writing, and multi-wavelength/messenger astrophysics.

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